Dam-X Slalom

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After the success of the previous editions, on Saturday and Sunday, novice, advanced and professional surfers can once again take part in the most accessible windsurfing competition in the Netherlands: the DAM-X Slalom. In different categories, this will be a battle for a spot on the DAM-X stage.



Signing up for the DAM-X Slalom can be done by clicking the 'Registration DAM-X Slalom' button above. You can register online until October 2th. Starting October 6th, you can only register at the DAM-X location.


Registration includes participation in the DAM-X Slalom, Slalom training session on October 6th, BBQ buffet, entry to the DAM-X Party or a waterjump ticket, goodiebag with the DAM-X event t-shirt, a tombola ticket and goodies from various brands.


On Friday, October 6th, all participants can take part in the DAM-X Slalom training session between 3 and 5 PM led by Jordy Vonk. During this session, you’ll get instructions and tips on land as well as on the water on how to get started, jibing and other intricacies of slalom surfing. After this session, you’ll be fully prepped for the race!



DAM Early Registration - Sold Out

Early Registration - Sold Out

DAM-X Registration - € 57,50

DAM Late Registration - € 65,-



• Girls up to 14 years

• Chicks 15 up to 18 years

• Ladies 19+

• Boys up to 14 years

• Guys 15 up to 18 years

• Men 19 up to 34 years

• Masters 35+

• Retired Profleet (fin only)

• Youth Profleet under 20 years (foil only)

• Profleet (foil only)


For parking spots, look here.