Notice of Race




The DAM-X Slalom will take place at the Brouwersdam near the Zeil & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam in Ouddorp. The event will be held on Saturday, October 12, and Sunday, October 13, 2024.



The DAM-X Slalom is a fun race for all ages and skill levels. Participants are expected to race honestly and safely. There is no jury present, meaning protests are not possible. However, the organization may issue warnings or disqualify participants who, in their opinion, participate dangerously or unfairly, thereby compromising the nature of the event.



During the DAM-X Slalom, the following age classes will compete:

• Girls up to 14

• Chicks 15 to 18

• Ladies 19 and older

• Boys up to 14

• Guys 15 to 18

• Men 19 to 34

• Masters 35 plus

• Youth Profleet (Under 20 years, Foil only)

• Retired Profleet (Fin only)

• Profleet (Foil or fin only, TBA depending on wind)

• Wingfoil


* Except for the Wingfoil, Pro Fleet & Youth Pro Fleet, all races are surfed with fin only, not with foil!

* Helmets and impact vests are mandatory during foil races.

* If you actively participate in a Dutch, European, World Championship, PWA, or Olympic event and have finished in the top 20 or better, you must compete in the Pro Fleet.

* If you have previously participated in a Dutch, European, World Championship, PWA, or Olympic event and finished in the top 20 or better, you must compete in the Pro Fleet (fin only).

* If there are more than 15 participants under 20 years old in the wingfoil class, a separate class will be created.



This registration includes: participation in the DAM-X Slalom, DAM-X Slalom training on October 11, Dinner Night on October 12, a DAM-X Party ticket or a Waterjump ticket, a goodie bag with limited edition DAM-X merchandise, a DAM-X tombola ticket, and various goodies from different brands.



The race format will be a downwind slalom race. Depending on the number of participants, there will be a separate start for each age category. The organization reserves the right to combine age categories. The DAM-X Slalom organization has the right to cancel a race during or after the race if necessary to keep the race as fair and safe as possible.



During the DAM-X Slalom, a maximum sail size of 10m² and a board width of 95cm are allowed. FOIL is not allowed (except in foil races for the Pro Fleet).



Participation in the DAM-X Slalom is entirely at your own risk. Participants must be insured for legal liability. The DAM-X Slalom organization, nor any other party involved in the organization of the event, accepts any liability for damage of any kind, including death and/or personal injury, which may arise directly or indirectly before, during, or after the races.